Day Two M+H

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Day two at the Museums and Heritage Show was just as full of surprises as day one. TO kick off were visited by the lady and gentleman in the photo above from @BKHISTORICAL then we had a lovely chat with Admiral Lord Nelson. All perfectly normal for a day at Olympia! We were also joined by Julie, our Head of Marketing, who went straight to work trawling the hall for people to speak to. She kept us busy all day long talking to a new batch of incredible people until our throats were sore and our legs were ready to crumble.

Today we chatted to some committed museum volunteers from Whitby Museum who have lots of great ideas for spreading the museum word around the north east.  I finally met our customer number one, Martin from the Canal Museum. I honestly thought he was a figment of Paul‘s imagination but there he was as bold as brass! He’s our first verified venue and is the one we try out all of our new stuff on. He’s super patient and is eager for us to deliver the Android version of our app so he can take Qurator wherever he goes.

Top marks today went to our new friends at the United Synagogue who made us think about our app in a whole new way. Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about the project you’ve been working on for over a year, two people come along with a problem and we happen to have a solution to fit, just not how we thought it would. Not more I can say about this at this stage but we’re used to the stranger things happening to us at the Museums and Heritage Show!

And all too quickly the two day ride that was the Museums and Heritage Show came to an end. We packed up all of our things and emptied our trusty cupboard of business cards, flyers and left over sweets (no really, I totally overspent on sweets) and headed to the local hostelry to reflect of the past two days. We learned a whole load about our new app and the people that will be using it. We collected a great big list of people and places to follow up with. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and there are lots of new ideas that are being fed into our roadmap as we speak.  We couldn’t have asked for a better few days or better neighbours to stand S7a, and I might even have come away with a little something from the Lomography stand. I think I deserved it!

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